Worsted - Alma Park Exclusive Farm Yarn - Alpaca/Merino 200 yds - MARLED -"Cha Cha, Indy & Kermie"

$ 19.00

Alma Park Exclusive "MARLED"

In Ravelry  as "Marled" from "The Yarn Shop at Alma Park"

This is next to skin soft. This is a well balanced yarn that is spun evenly for a nice soft, lofty project.  Super Soft and Squishy. 

The white fiber for this yarn was donated by Indy (Independence) and Kermie.  Indy was named that because she was born on the 4th of July and completely by surprise since her mom was not supposed to be pregnant. Kermie was named such because we call her mom Miss Piggy and we said when she has her first baby, we are going to name him Kermit.  Well, Yasmine decided to have a girl, so Kermie it was.  

The brown fiber was donated by Cha Cha.  She is a great mom and has the cutest ear tufts!   


Alpaca with Merino 

  • 80% alpaca from Cha Cha, Kermie & Indy
  • 20% Merino wool
  • 200 yds (1 skeins is ~ 80)
  • Worsted weight
  • 12 WPI
  • 3.5-3.8 oz per skein (100 yd skein is 1.9 oz) 
  • 2 ply

Grown & Processed in the USA

No animals were harmed in making this product

LIMITED QUANTITY as each run at the mill is unique. 

Lot 071520


Inventory Available

200 YDS ~100 YDS
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