Wool/Alpaca Felted Dryer Balls - Sets of 3 or 6

$ 14.00

Dryer balls - sets of 3 or 6

Greay for either  gift-giving or for your own use :) 

This set of wool and alpaca dryer balls are great green, eco-friendly, sustainable product! Touted to cut drying time by 25%. They also are an inexpensive and non-chemical free way of reducing static. Throw away those chemical dryer sheets and toss some of these in with your next load of laundry.

The main component is locally grown wool (NJ) which is processed into roving and then formed into a ball and felted. They are then wrapped with alpaca yarn (natural colors) and felted once again. They have been doubled felted (wet and needle) to make sure that they will not fall apart with frequent use. Over time, dryer balls pill, this pilling is reduced by wrapping in yarn. If the pilling bothers you, you can "shave" them. Pilling does not affect their performance. There is no dye in these balls whatsoever, so you do not need to worry about them transferring color to your clothing.

This is a must for drying with sheets, towels, down comforters, etc. as the balls allow the load to be broken up instead of balling up thereby drying quicker and more efficiently.

Much quieter than plastic varieties sold in box stores.

Toss 6 - 8 balls in a large load (depending on size) and see the difference. Toss 3 -5 balls in a smaller load.

Approximately 2 - 2.5 inches in diameter - a little smaller than a  tennis ball. Mostly uniform in shape but some balls are slightly smaller.

White, grey and fawn color wools and alpaca yarn.

Makes a GREAT gift! They can also be used as decoration, sitting in a basket on a table. I think they look more artistic with the felted yarn surrounding them :)

The pictures are representative of the balls you will receive.  I pre-package them for the shelf, so I can not accommodate color requests.  Thanks for understanding. 

** These are felted with laundry soap which MAY leave some scent and stored with lavender sachets (to keep moths away). Any scent should dissipate if left to air or just throw them in your washer for a load with your laundry detergent ** If you would like them made with scent free laundry detergent and no lavender storage - please contact us BEFORE you place your order.

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