Starbright - sparkle - 100% Nylon - 1, 4, 16 oz - WHITE

$ 2.15

This is for 1 oz, 4 oz or 16 oz (1 pound)  of Starbright in WHITE

When you want a little shine or sparkle and firestar or angelina is just too much - this is perfect.

Since this is 100% nylon, this is great to blend with your yarn for socks or shawls.

It is super soft and is often sold as faux cashmere or faux angora, although it does have a longer staple length than either of those fibers. And of course it is a fraction of the price!

Takes dye well!!! Can be dyed as a braid and spun by itself, added in for yarn strength or anything you can imagine.


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1 oz 4 oz 1 pound (16 oz)
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