Spring Garden Dreamin' Hat

$ 6.00

Spring Garden Dreamin’ – Hat

Slouchy, loose fitting and full of texture

5 sizes. Baby to Adult 


Living in the Northeast means cold weather for Halloween; garlic, spinach, and kale planting shortly after. This year was so unseasonably warm that garlic didn’t go in until after Thanksgiving, the spinach and kale were skipped and dreams for spring were almost non-existent as the 60+ degree temperature beguiled my mind that winter and snowmen were not going to be a reality this year.

As I was standing there plotting my garden for the coming spring, I looked at the big space before me and saw a grid of black, which in only a few months will turn to flowing greens, and reds, and oranges, and purples. It inspired the textures in this hat.

The twisted ribbing is the straight rows in which the vegetables will start their journey. The trellis pattern is support for all the plants that reach for the sky. The vines meander away from their straight rows, twisting and turning as they fight for their space in the sun. The marigolds surround my garden to feed the bees and keep away pests. The brambles are the sprouts that are so exciting in the spring, that I am just as giddy as a kid at Christmas. Take a journey with me through my spring garden and the bounty it brings.


Andes Mountain Sport

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