Snow Mountain- Blending Nylon for Socks - 100% Nylon - 1, 4 or 16 oz

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This is for 1 oz , 4 oz or 16 oz (1 pound) of Snow Mountain in WHITE

Since this is 100% nylon, this is great to blend with your yarn for socks or shawls.

It is soft, but not as soft as our Faux Cashmere, so if you are looking to blend for strength, this is way to go, if you want a cloud next to your skin and you will not be blending with other fibers, go with the Faux Cashmere.  

This is the fiber that I use to blend with my alpaca sock yarn when I have it spun at the mill.  

Takes dye well!!! Can be dyed  and spun by itself, added in for yarn strength or anything you can imagine.



Ashland Bay

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