Panda (SW Merino/Bamboo/Nylon) Top - 4 or 16 oz - undyed (ecru)

$ 11.00

4 ounces of Panda Top

  • 60% Superwash merino
  • 30% Bamboo (viscose soft type) 
  • 10% Nylon

Panda top is a fun fiber and produces unique effects that solid wool tops do not.  The bamboo acts as a resist and some white shows through for a unique effect.  

Why bamboo ?  The wool/cellulose blends are produced to enhance both fibers properties. The viscose type fibers blended with wool have the look and feel of wool/silk products. The wool/cellulose products have the advantage of being less expensive than the silk blends.

This is next to skin soft, spins like a dream, dyes well and it perfect for blending .

This is top not roving. Top goes through an extra step to align all the fiber and makes a super spinning experience. Definitely the best preparation of fiber.

 Pics with and without flash 

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