Lady of Winterfell

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This is a simple cowl that is perfect for that in-between winter to spring air. Wrap it double around your neck and enjoy the fresh air.

Gauge is not important, but your measurements and yarn requirements may be different. This has been test knit in my store by staff and checked for errors, they still need to upload pics, but I wanted to get this up today in case you need a quick simple little project to distract you!

I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and most of my tonal/semi-solid colors are named after GoT characters, places, or things. The salmon-peach-pink color is named after “Sansa” and the shawl takes its name from her story.

This cowl is made to double wrap around your neck, which if you are living in Winterfell would definitely be a plus. I designed and knit this in my new Andes Mountain Sport yarn just in time for spring when you want something to block the chill that sometimes can happen at the change of seasons. SPRING is COMING!!

Yarn used for sample is Andes Mountain Sport but DK Squish also works well!


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