HONEY (Mo-Ko-Bee Apiary) from our very own bees!!

$ 2.00

Honey from our very own bees!  1 pound jars. 

We currently have 9 hives right here on the farm.  My friends, Robin & Jeff, along with my daughter Jordan are partners on this adventure!  Mo-Ko-Bee is a combo of our names.  This honey is produced, extracted and bottled right here at Alma Park! The “honey house” is a reclaimed building right here on out farm.  You can see it as you pull into our driveway to the store.  Our honey is raw, never heated! We filter it to remove wax particles, but that’s the only “processing” we do.  Right from the bees to your table.  

This is our best tasting honey yet! Perfect flavor, balance and just the right sweetness level.  A lovely amber color! And a new label :)

NOTE - Our Oct 2022 batch has started to crystalize.  While this does not affect the quality of the honey, I wanted to point it out before you purchase.  You can heat the honey in a water bath to melt the crystals.  For me - crystalized honey is my favorite way to enjoy honey - because I can add it on an english muffin like jam and it doesn't drip - YUM! 

We will be extracting again in August 2023.  

Don’t forget - Add a honey dipper for the easiest way to get honey out of the jar.  6 inches and made of wood.   Hand wash in warm soapy water and air dry. 

Note - honey dipper is sold separately.  If you would like both,  add each to your cart.  

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Oct 2022 6” honey dipper
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