HONEY (Mo-Ko-Bee Apiary) from our very own bees!!

$ 10.00

Honey from our very own bees!  1 pound jars. 

We currently have 10 hives right here on the farm.  My friends, Robin & Jeff, along with my daughter Jordan are partners on this adventure!  Mo-Ko-Bee is a combo of our names.  This honey is produced, extracted and bottled right here at Alma Park! 

We extracted honey in 2 different sessions this fall and like wine, the 2 lots taste a little different when you eat it straight from the jar.  Both are delicious! 

  • Lot 921L - is a little bit sweeter and thinner
  • Lot 921M - is thicker and not as sweet as lot L.  But of course it's honey so it's still very sweet! 


Inventory Available

921L - 1 pound Jar 921M - 1 pound jar
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