FARM ROVING - Baby Alpaca / Merino / Silk - Roving (Baby Grade Alpaca) from ROMEO - Fawn

$ 13.00

This roving is made from ROMEO, who is son of Champion SEBASTIAN.  His mother's name is Juliette and he just LOVES my daughter, they grew up together and he just follows her whenever she is in the barn.    

This roving is so incredibly soft, it may even be royal baby (under 20 microns), but it is so hard to tell the difference between 19-21 microns, that I am classifying it as baby to be on the safe side.  

This is roving and is beautifully prepared and super soft.  It is pin drafted and a pleasure to spin.

I mixed his fiber with a little bit of fawn merino and golden (wild) tussah and it is just so lovely. . . I am going to do the same this next year.  

The stats:

  • 2 or 4 oz in a braid
  • roving - pin drafted
  • 70% alpaca | 20% Merino | 10% tussah silk
  • Grade 2 (baby grade)  micron approx 20-23 microns
  • next to skin OH SO soft 
  • almost no VM
  • no neps or noils (very smooth)
  • mill processed 
  • staple length - approx ~4 inches
  • Fawn

The roving is light and airy and drafts beautifully. It almost spins itself. It also felts incredibly well. It is pin drafted roving so it drafts more like top than regular roving.


If you do not know how to spin, but would like some hand spun fiber, check out our Spinning Services


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