Countdown to Samhain 2023 - YARN - 20 gram minis - sock yarn

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Countdown to Samhain 2023

Fall/Harvest/Halloween/Samhain is my most favorite time of year, yet I have never done a countdown box.  You may be familiar with my Advent Boxes, but this is new for me and I am REALLY excited to dye up all the spooky yarn for you! I like to coordinate the yarns so that they can be knitted/crocheted starting on day 1 and going all the way through. Expect to see colors that are inspired by spooky things, harvest, Halloween, and more!

Samhain is the Celtic holiday celebrating the end of summer, harvest, and the coming of winter. It is said that the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest this night and interactions with those of the spirit world are possible.  BOO!  Halloween is based off of the ancient festival of Samhain.  Samhain is celebrated October 31st - November 1st.   


Combination of Tonals, Hand Painted and SPECKLED!!! 

Note : this is a pre-order! Shipping or ready for pick-up Oct 1, 2023. 

Note: There are no refunds or returns on this listing.  


  • 13 days of yarn and optional bag add on (Bag looks like this but it will be a Halloween/Spooky/Harvest/Samhain themed fabric.  
  • Sprinkled throughout the days will be added goodies included with the yarn. 
  • Pre-order is available until August 27, 2023 or until they sell out. LIMITED QUANTITY.   
  • Ships priority mail in US - choose "Flat Rate" at checkout $5.00 for shipping charges or local pickup if local. 
  • If outside of the US, choose your shipping method at checkout. 
Options Available - Chose from drop-down menu below
    1 - Countdown to Samhain  (13 days) - 13 - 20 gram mini skeins 
    2 - Countdown plus 1 -  12 minis plus 1 full-size skein for day 13
    3 - Countdown plus bag - 13 minis plus medium drawstring bag
    4 - Countdown plus 1 and bag - 12 minis plus full-size skein plus medium drawstring bag

    Yarn is 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon. Minis are 20 grams and 92 yards and full size is 463 yds and 100 grams.  They are fingering/sock. 

    My Windows of History Shawl would be a GREAT pattern to use these minis!

    Inventory Available

    1. Countdown to Samhain 2. Countdown plus 1 Skein 3. Countdown plus bag 4. Countdown plus 1 and bag
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