Coopworth Hogget Wool Roving - 4 oz - Moorit

$ 20.00

This moorit (grey/brown/rose grey) roving is from a young (yearling) ewe at a friends farm. I was at shearing and personally chose and skirted this fleece. This is beautifully prepared. Marigold was coated and this is her first shearing. It has a great hand and I feel that coopworth hoggett is definitely next to skin soft.  

It is smooshy and squishy and just really fun.  When I was braiding it, I felt there was the tiniest bit of lanolin left in the roving.  

The stats:

  • 4 oz in a braid
  • pin drafted  roving
  • 100% Coopworth Hoggett wool
  • almost no VM - tiny bit here and there (coated fleece), any VM should fall out when spinning
  • almost no neps or noils, but a few  - nice and pretty smooth
  • mill processed
  • staple length - 4 -5 inches

The roving is light and airy and drafts beautifully. Coopworth is very versatile and is easy for a beginner to spin.



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4 oz

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