Batt Sh*t Crazy - Micro Batts - 1.5 oz - Spin Spontaneously

$ 10.00


Spin crazy variegated yarn spontaneously!

Grab a bag or 3 or 5 or...... and spin a skein of yarn that's fun and colorful without the work of stash diving.  Just grab a bun out of the bag and let the yarn come alive. 

There is always an extremely limited amount of these bags as it takes months of batt making to get enough ends to make them, so get it while you can !! 

I like my full size batts to be exactly 2.0 oz, so when I take the batt off the drum carder, I rip off any in excess of 2.0 oz.  Once the pile gets large enough. I make these awesome fun bags.  

Fiber Stats: 

  • Alpaca blend art batts.  Mostly alpaca, but also contains merino and other wools, silks (tussah, cultivated, noil, sari waste, Soffsilk™), locks from wool or mohair, sparkle (both firestar and angelina)
  • Smooth, textured, sparkle, no sparkle 
  • 1.5 oz bag
  • approx 20-25 different colors in each bag.  Each color approx < 0.1 oz 

- Pictures are of the run you are purchasing. 


Pairs great with Bits & Bobs here


Larger batts called "Fiber Tasting" can be seen here 

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