UNICORN DREAMS - hand paint top (choice of fiber) 4 oz or sample

$ 1.25

4 ounces - 1 braid

*** Phat Fiber May 2014 UNICORN DREAMS ***


Golden yellow, orange, lichen, lilac, purple, peach, blue


Bright spring/summer colors go into this handpaint.  One of my most favorite so far!! I was inspired by unicorn pictures and imagine that their dreams are visualized in full technicolor.  


Fiber choices (all commercially prepped top) :

- Falkland Wool (pictured)- 26 microns

- 21 Micron Merino 


All picture (including the sample hand spun) are of Falkland wool top and are taken outside in sunlight except for the non-braided picture (pic 2) on the white background which was taken inside.  Pictures are representative of the braid(s) you will receive. 


I try to accurately describe my colors and represent them as best as I can true to life, but different monitors may show  different hues.  


Hand-spun skein was done using a fractal spinning technique from a single 4 oz braid and is for show purposes only - it is not included.  


Please also see this colorway in SW Merino/Bamboo/Nylon Top

Inventory Available

8 gram Falkand Sample Falkland Wool 21 micron merino
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