Stormy Winter Night™- Fing/Sock Hand Painted 463 yds RTS

$ 22.00

Stormy Winter Night™ Hand Painted Yarn  

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Pictures are are representative of the skein(s) you will receive.

Snow falling, silence surrounds you, dark clouds with the moon peaking through streaking the sky in shades of grey, purple, black ! 


- Purple, Silver Grey, Dark Grey, Black 


If you order more that one skein, I will send from the same lot if available. Skeins are dyed in lots of 4.   If you are going to be doing a larger project like a shawl that requires more than one skein, (as with any hand-dyed yarn),  it is recommended to alternate knitting from the two skeins.  


Premium Sock Base 

  • Premium Sock Yarn - 4 ply
  • 75% SW Merino/25% Nylon
  • 463 yds / 100 grams (~3.5 oz) 
  • US 2-4 | 6-8 sts per inch 


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Premium Sock

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