Spinner's Sampler - April 2014 - 5 breeds of premium quality

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As most of you know who follow my blog , I am writing a series, "Spinning my way through the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook", and trying to spin every type of fiber I get my hands on.  I just started chronicling this journey in the beginning of 2014 and am really enjoying working with different fibers.  I buy whole fleeces from around the country.  Now many of you have expressed interest in doing the same, but buying whole fleeces can be expensive and if you just want to do a "breed study" you may not want or have the need for a 5 - 10 pound fleece.  Well here is your solution!! 

This "Spinner's Sampler" has fleece to try without the investment of purchasing a whole fleece - each box will contain fiber sourced in the US and will provide:

  • A description of the breed
  • The animal's name (if known)
  • The state the animal "grew" the fiber (if known)
  • My personal evaluation of that fiber 

Only the best, clean but raw (in the grease) fiber will be included. 

April's Box will contain the following samples: 

  • Coopworth Hogget Wool (coated) - 5 inch staple
  • CVM/Romeldale Wool (coated) - 4 inch staple
  • Icelandic Lamb Wool - Tog 5-6 inches, Thel 2 inches
  • Romney Yearling Wool  - 3.5 inch staple 
  • Mystery Award Winning Wool (coated) - 4.5 inch staple  - this wool is a real treat and is next to skin soft, and no it is not alpaca :) 

NOTE: The Romney Yearling does have some dirty tips which clean up beautifully. 

The wools in this "sampler" are VM free.  Now a stray piece may have made it through, but these are super clean superior fleeces that are hand picked by me, so there is no extra work on your part except to wash and prep as you would like and of course SPIN :)  When I chose the fleeces I put in the "sampler" I want them to be  representative of the breed and are fiber that I personally want to rip into and spin !!!  


Sampler packs come in 1 or 2 ounce varieties.  

The 1 oz sampler will contain 1 oz of each of the 5 different fleeces and information about each.  Total 5 oz

The 2 oz sampler will contain 2 oz of each of the 5 different fleeces and information about each.  Total 10 oz

I have limited quantities of each fleece chosen for the month, so there will be a limited amount of samplers and some in reserve for those of you that may want larger quantities once you get your hands on these exquisite fleeces.  


 Pictures shown are of the 1 oz sampler.  Each wool is 1 oz in the picture.  





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