Silk Hankies/Mawata - Emerald - 0.5 oz (14 grams)

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Mawata Silk Hankies -  0.5 oz (about 14 grams)



You can spin or knit/crochet directly from the hankie. You can also felt with them using wool or alpaca. See info below about Silk Hankies in general.


Mawata is a Japanese word which means “to spread out”. It is a silk cocoon which has been stretched on a frame. The cocoon used for this are typically the ones with holes or misshaped. More than one cocoon is placed on the same frame, so one silk hankie will have a couple of layers.

Using the hankies is very easy and it can help you add a lot of texture and interest to a piece. When needle felting, the wool or alpaca will pull through the silk hankie and lock it in place.

Normally you would be able to get 5 to 6 layers per hankie which you can use separately.

One layer of hankie can be spun at a time and would be great to spin with wool or alpaca for interest and texture. One layer can also be stretched and knitted directly.

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