Romney Wool Hoggett -White - 57 oz

$ 35.00

This raw (in the grease) white fleece is raised locally from a Pennsylvania farm by one of the top Romney breeders in the country.   It was not jacketed so some VM may be present and tips may be dirty.  Strong and healthy



  • Type: White Romney hoggett wool (yearling)
  • Skirted
  • Staple Length:  3”   average 
  • VM content: low to none 
  • ~57 oz (3 lbs 9 oz) 
  • Condition: Raw, healthy fiber, healthy tips
  • Cleanliness: some dirty tips, washes to bright white
  • Crimp type: french fry crimp
  • Hand: soft hand for Romney 
  • Origin: Pennsylvania
  • Date: 2017 fleece


TAG: (2017-2)


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