Romney Wool Roving - Grey/Moorit - 2 oz

$ 5.00

This greyish/brownish moorit roving is made from a local (PA) Romney sheep ewe named Towanda. She has a lovely color which spins up beautifully. See Bobbin pic for a sample of how it looks spun. It spins up more grey and is more grey (like on the bobbin) than the naked roving pics show. 

The stats:
- 2 oz 
- roving
- 100% Romney wool
- 48s (approx 32 micron)
- still can be worm next to the skin for all but the most sensitive of people
- almost no VM
- mill processed
- Natural color - no dye
- staple length - approx 5 inches

The roving is light and airy and drafts beautifully. It almost spins itself. It also felts incredibly well.

If you do not know how to spin, but would like some hand spun fiber, ask me for pricing! 

Inventory Available

2 oz

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