Placemat Weaver - Purl and Loop

$ 42.00

This portable birch loom is made of 1/4" birch wood, and measures approximately 18" x 13", with a work area of 16" x 12".

It is set up for a warp of 5 ends per inch (e.p.i.).

The placemat size can be a max of 16" x 12".

The materials for these looms are sourced in Houston, Texas and the looms are handmade in a Houston studio.

The loom comes with color photo instructions and a wood tapestry needle.

It weighs 1lb 10oz by itself. This is a great way to use up yarn, ribbon or fabric stash.


  • Warp requires about 43-45 yards of yarn, ribbon, string or fabric strip if wrapping the warp entirely around the front and back around every slot.
  • Weft can vary greatly depending on weight, size and thickness of material used ? For example - Weft using 7/16" ribbon require about 17 yards of ribbon

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