Pixie-Stix™-Fing/Sock Hand Painted - 430 yds Merino/Bamboo RTS (201607005)

$ 23.00

Pixie-stix™  --- Watching the Northen Lights ™ 

**Ready to Ship**

Pixie-Stix™ is my speckled yarn line. Even though I dye multiples in the same batch, no two skeins are exactly alike.   Colors are the same, but the placement may vary.  

Grab what you like when you see it !!

In the pics, the middle skein is "as-dyed" and the other 2 are re-skeined.  Pics are of the actual skeins(s) you will receive.  

- Blues, purple/plum, yellow, lime green 

  • Bamboo-tastic Sock Base  
  • 80% SW Merino/20% Bamboo
  • 430 yds  / 100 grams (~3.5oz) 
  • US 2-4 | 6-8 sts per inch 

 As with all my dyeing, I only use professional acid dyes, and fully exhaust the dye.  Also, I use citric acid, not vinegar to set my dyes, so you will not get that vinegar smell in my yarns or fibers.  


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