Major Tom's Nebula™ Pixie Stix™ - BULKY Hand Painted yarn 72 yds

$ 20.00

Major Tom's Nebula™ Hand Painted Yarn  BULKY SINGLE 


An homage to David Bowie.  RIP.  

This looks like a pic from space, a nebula. 

2 skeins available.  They are more like cousins than twins as is true of all of my Pixi-stix™ Line. 


- black, greys, blues, greens, hot pink, orange, lime yellow 


 Pixie-Stix™ is a new line of yarn colorways in an exciting new (to my studio at least) technique that creates OOAK (one of a kind) creations full of sweet color. Mix and match. 

Grab what you like when you see it because while I can use the same colors, no 2 are exactly alike.

That's the fun. If you are going to be doing a larger project like a shawl that requires more than one skein, (as with any hand-dyed yarn),  it is recommended to alternate knitting from the two skeins.  


BULKY Single Base 

  • 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon
  • 1 ply - single
  • 72 yds / 100 grams (~3.5 oz) 
  • US 10.5+ | 8 WPI | 3 sts per inch

next to skin super soft

Pics show re-skeined yarn and as-dyed yarn.  Your yarn will be dyed prior to shipping.  Pictures are of the exact skein(s) you will receive. 

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Bulky single

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