Lace - Doctor Who goes to Westeros™ GREAT GRASS SEA™ - Mohair/Silk 459 yds RTS (010920)

$ 24.00

GREAT GRASS SEA -  Kettle Dyed Yarn  

**Ready to Ship** 

"GREAT GRASS SEA" - (Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea was another one of Daenerys' titles coined by Missandei) - Spring Grass Green


  • 72% kid mohair
  • 28% silk 
  • 459 yds / 50 grams (~1.75 oz)  
  • NOT superwash - will felt
  • great as a carry-along yarn to add color and halo or held double on US 8

SUPER soft 

Pictures are of the exact skein(s) you will receive.

Great substitution for Kidsilk Haze.  

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Winter is coming, get your knit on!!

CAUTION - Fan fiction ahead :)  OK, not really, but a little. 

I love Doctor Who! I think the next Doctor should be Hugh Laurie (Dr. House), but I digress.  Anywho (see what I did there), I imagine the Doctor would love to visit a land where so many die for a seat on the Iron Throne.  

So Doctor Who goes through the Tardis door and yes, it really is bigger on the inside and sets a course for a land where incest, intrigue, backstabbing, and death are a daily occurrence.  Where beautiful women ride dragons, and beautiful men come back from the dead. Wait, that kinda happens on Doctor Who as well, ok maybe not beautiful.  There are SOOO many things to love and so many colorways to be had for GoT, that narrowing it down was hard, but necessary. I LOVE Daenerys so much I named an alpaca baby after her, I also love Jon Snow (who doesn't), and Tyrion  is my boy, after all he is originally from NJ.  

The Doctor steps out of the Tardis to a land of Fire & Ice...............



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