Hand Spun Pink All Colors 1.0 oz - 20 Yds - Worsted

$ 6.50

Pink All Colors™

This handspun (by me) is a mix of a bunch of colors and fibers. It is mostly pink

It is a worsted to heavy worsted weight 2 - ply well balanced yarn and has some thick and thin spots to add to it's character. It is squishy, soft and lofty.

I don't know the exact percentages but it can include (all soft) - mostly falkland wool and also:
- Alpaca (suri and huacaya)
- wool (merino, bfl, corriedale, polworth, falkland)
- silk (noil, sari, cultivated sliver, tussah)
- cotton noil
- firestar and angelina

WPI - 7-8
Sts per inch 3-4
Weight - 1.5 oz
Yards - 20 (approx)
Needles - US#11 - US#13


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