Polworth/Merino/Silk/Spark Self-Stripe - Wrstd 196 yds 5.8 oz

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Green Mile™

This hand spun (by me) is soft, sparkle, squishy and self-striping !!  There are lots of different shades of green in this skein along with black and  a smidgen of purple for good measure.  I cannot believe how many shades of greens there are and I didn't even use them all ! 

It is a worsted to Aran weight well balanced 2 ply yarn.

Colors: Greens (LOTS), Black, some blue and purple

Self-Striping: Black, greens (LOTS), purple  repeated throughout the skein

Approx Fiber Contents:

  • 40% Polworth wool
  • 40% merinowool
  • 10% silk
  • 10% Firestar (Nylon) & angelina
WPI - 8-10

Sts per inch 4-5
Weight - 5.8 oz
Yards - 196 (approx)
Needles - US#8 - US#11

Pictures show both inside (no flash) and outside lighting  



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1 skein- 196 yds

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