Falkland (56s) Top- PSYCHEDELIC POWERS - 4 ounces

$ 13.50

4 ounces - 1 Braid - PSYCHEDELIC POWERS™

*** PHAT FIBER CONTRIBUTION for May 2013 - Superhero's Box***

Hot Pink, orange, yellow, lime yellow

This colorway was inspired by Austin Power's of the cult movie fame. These are some shocking colors and are going to be GROOVY to spin!!! While he isn't technically a superhero - I really loved the movies :)

This Falkland wool is a dream to spin. It is locally processed in New England and it is also a dream to dye as top because it is very forgiving and dries quickly. It is rated 56s which equates to 26 microns and is next to skin soft! Drafts like a dream! It is also great for felting.

This is top not roving. Top goes through an extra step to carefully align all the fibers in the same direction. Top is considered the highest quality spinning prep.

Pictures are representative of the braid you will receive.

*** If you want it in another fiber (Merino, BFL/Silk, SW Merino, Corriedale etc) please email me.

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4 oz

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