KNIT - Dropped Stitches??? with Tracey/Rose Thursdays - 3pm - 5pm

$ 7.00

  • Are you a new knitter and are having trouble with a pattern?
  • Are you an experienced knitter having trouble with a new technique? 
  • Do you have a project with a mistake, but don't know how to fix it?
  • Do you not want to take an hour lesson because you know it's a quick fix? 

Then this is the place  for you!
  • 15 minutes segments to work on anything you want
  • bring any project and any pattern for help

Thursdays (3-5pm)


Instructor - Tracey with Rose as a backup.


Note - Crochet help is not available at this time.  There may be things that we cannot fix (we are human) and we will tell you so when you bring it to us.  Sorry no over-the-phone support at this time.  



*billed by 15 minute segments or a portion thereof  

Inventory Available

15 minutes

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