Baby Alpaca/ Merino/Silk Pin-drafted Roving - Dk Grey/ Black - 1 oz

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Pin Drafted Roving - Sold by the oz 

This "Gun Metal Grey" roving is made from the fiber of CHASE, a show string male from our herd and son to one of our Champions. He has wonderfully soft silk fiber with a nice buttery handle. I then mixed with Merino and Silk to make an even more luscious "want to spin" me blend. This fiber is so light and airy it almost drafts itself. This is pin drafted roving and because of the silk mixed in is more like the best "top" you can find.

The roving has an overall "gun metal grey" color with streaks of white silk running through it.

The yarn (hand spun by me)  is from our last mix of this roving (from another animal) and won 1st place at NJ Sheep and Wool festival in Sept 2015, yarn NOT included.  

The stats:
- 1 oz 
- pin drafted roving
- 70% baby alpaca micron 20-23
- 20% Merino
- 10% Culivated Silk

- next to skin soft - OH SO SOFT!!
- mill processed
- Natural color - no dye
- alpaca staple length - approx - 3.5 inches

There should be no VM in this roving (I haven't seen any) but if there is an occasional piece, it should fall out when spinning.

If you do not know how to spin, but would like some hand spun fiber, check out our "Services" section. 

Pics include Chase winning one of his many ribbons, as a cria (with a friend),  today on our farm (during the Jan 2016 blizzard) and his blanket at shearing this past May (2016) .  Also is a picture of the yarn that won at last year's (2015) NJ Sheep and wool festival.   

If you are interested in learning about different grades of alpaca fiber - please visit our Fiber FAQs:


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