BFL Wool/Silk Spinning Top -Dorothy's Nemesis - 4 oz RTS

$ 19.00

4 ounces - 1 Braid - Dorothy's Nemesis™


The Wizard of Oz. I loved it when I was a kid and still do. This colorway was inspired by the wicked witch of the west. "I'll get you my pretty!".

Purople, lavender, Lime Yellow/Green, Black

Pictures taken both inside and outside.

BFL (75%) and Silk (25%) Spinning top for a out of this world spinning experience!

The Bluefaced Leicester sheep breed is very distinct with its Roman nose, long, upright earset, and deep blue skin contrasted with soft, white, semi-lustre wool. The BFL is classified as a Longwool breed.

This listing is British luster longwool. 25-27 microns with staple length 4 ¼ inches (110 mm). The fiber feels finer than the micron count would suggest. The luster promotes intense dye results.

Next to skin soft and dream to spin or dye. Drafts like a dream!

This is top not roving. Top goes through an extra step to carefully align all the fibers in the same direction. Top is considered the highest quality spinning prep.

*** Pictures are of the exact braids you will receive *** 2 available at time of listing. More can be made in this repeatable colorway.

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