Baby Alpaca Roving - 2 oz - Bay Black- 100% Alpaca

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This bay black roving is made from the fiber of Sienna and Alma Park Sable, 2 girls from our herd. Sienna gave us Alma Park Dante (one of the cutest crias ever) and then went to another farm who absolutely fell in love with her. Sable is the granddaughter to our most favorite alpaca of all time, Multomba who passed of cancer when he was 8. She is the spitting image of him and is a permanent resident of Alma Park. She is a great mom, but a bit standoffish to people :)

It is hard to photograph black well, but it is a black color with brown undertones. Even Sienna looks brown in bright light (see pic 5), but she is a bay black. Sable looks black in her picture (see pic 1) because she is in the shade of the barn.

- Pics 1-4 Roving
- Pic 5 - Sable with her son (Alma Park Mufasa) from May 2013
- Pic 6 - Sienna

The stats:
- 2 oz (in a ball)
- roving
- 100% alpaca
- Grade 2 (baby grade) micron 20-23
- next to skin soft
- some VM, nothing excessive and easily falls out when spinning
- mill processed
- Natural color - no dye
- staple length - approx 3 - 3.5 inches

The roving is light and airy and drafts beautifully. It almost spins itself. It also felts incredibly well.

If you do not know how to spin, but would like some hand spun fiber, convo me for pricing!

If you would like more or less of this color or to mix and match roving colors. . . please convo me for a special custom lot!

If you are interested in learning about different grades - please visit our Fiber FAQs:

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