Alpaca/Merino/Silk (Text) - Madonna of the Rocks (RETIRED)- 2 oz or 8 gr

$ 2.50

Madonna of the Rocks Inspired™ - Phat Fiber Nov 2013 contribution - The Renaissance

***RETIRED July 2016 - only samples remain***

1 Batt - 2.0 ounces


8 gram sample (approx 1/4 oz)

For spinning or felting 

This is a textured batt - the silk noil add depending on how spun can be a lot or little

For me - the epitome of the Renaissance is Leonardo da Vinci. I took an art class in college and looked at many great works in books and pictures - but have only seen a few in person. I always was drawn to da Vinci and his works and religious imagery. When I was in Paris a few years ago, I immediately ran to the hall where the da Vinci masterpieces were (along with other artists from the time frame)… there was of course a crowd by the Mona Lisa - which is VERY tiny and barricaded (like a crime scene) so you cannot even breath on it … and with the crowd of people gathered around it, I could only take a quick peak and then I moved along … down the hall are enormous works - some that are bigger than walls in my college dorm room (long ago) other smaller, all amazing, all truly remarkable, so I wandered through and around and that is where I found this painting… which spoke to me in such a way - that I have never forgotten how it made me feel. So much so that I have a reproduction hanging in my office and coffee table books that contain the work in my living room. I stood there for hours (literally) staring at it - and each day I think of going back to Paris just to see it in person again. I don't know what it was/is - but it talks to me - to my soul. It was not like I was standing in front of a painting, but rather looking through a window to actual events. The depth --- well I could babble on about it indefinitely and if you knew me in person - you would know that I do if you even so much as glance at a pic of it in my house or the repro itself.

So this month - my inspriation is da Vinci's "Madonna of the Rocks" - that hangs in the Louvre

This batt is super lofty and squishy. This is a smooth batt and is next to skin soft. It was dyed by me using professional acid dyes. All dyes were exhausted prior to making the batt.

This batt is OH SO soft!!!

Approx fiber % -
- Superfine alpaca (45%) - from my own herd
- Falkland Wool (10%)
- Merino wool (20%)
- Tussah Silk (10%)
- Silk Noil (5%)
- Sparkle (10%) - Firestar

I weigh my fiber before going into the drum carder to get the approx percentages.

If you don't know how to spin - but love the batt - convo me for pricing on spinning this batt.

*** If you would like more than I have listed - please convo me
***This is one of my reproducible colorways - so if you would different fiber like alpaca, merino, etc etc - please convo me.
*** If you would like this without sparkle - please convo me.

The pictures are representative of the batts you will receive. I try to portray accurate color representation of my products but each computer/monitor is different.

While every effort is made to remove all the VM from my alpaca fiber, since I process it by hand, there is a chance that a stray piece may have been missed, but should fall out while spinning. A noil/nep here or there is possible as well.


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