Alpaca Fiber (Kermie 2016) 41 oz

$ 25.00

Kermie got her name because her mother is the largest Alpaca we own (boys or girls) and we jokingly refer to her as Miss Piggy.  She is robust :)  So we wanted to name the baby Kermit like the frog, but since she was a girl we called her Kermie .


  • Prime Blanket
  • Type: white 
  • 41 oz
  • Well skirted (but an occasional second  cut or burr may remain)
  • Staple Length:  3-3.5” average 
  • VM content: low to some 
  • Condition: Raw, healthy fiber
  • Cleanliness: dusty
  • Crimp type: decent 
  • Hand: next to skin soft 
  • grade 4 (micron in the high 20s)
  • Origin: NJ
  • Date: 2016

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