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Are you looking for a great gift for a spinner in your life? Or maybe you just want to open a little gift everyday during the season? Order your 2018 Advent Calendar in FIBER today! 24 days of 1/2 oz (or 1/4 oz) mini-art-batts to bring joy to the entire holiday season!

Spoil yourself or some one on your list. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to spin unique art batts. Spin a little skein each day or spin them all together for a TOTALLY unique one-of- a-kind yarn.


  • 6 oz (1/4 oz per day) or 12 oz (1/2 oz per day) in total over 24 days. (24 separate little gift boxes)
  • 24 different colorways - NO repeats
  • 24 boxes each with 1/4 or ½ oz of a different “ART BATT"
  • Each little box is 3"x3"x2". Labeled inside with fiber content and colorway. 
  • Alpaca, merino, premium silk and sparkle are the main fibers in these boxes, but may also include other soft wools, mohair, other silks and silk waste.
  • Want more? Throw in 1 or 2 FULL size 2 oz batts. (These full size batts will be a never before sold colorway. This new colorway will not be reproduced for sale until April 2019)
  • Pre-order
  • Check out Batt Section to see our crazy collection of art batts. . . and many other colorways that have not yet been unveiled
  • Boxes will be sealed so you are not tempted to peak.
  • Boxes are labeled 1-24 
  • Christmas in July pre-order is discounted until July 31st and then price goes up to regular price. Save 10% for ordering early.  Our gift to you for your patience!
  • Pre-order is available until Oct 27, 2017 or until they sell out
  • Shipping Monday, Nov 19th or ready for in-store pick-up Friday, Nov 16th.  
  • Ships priority mail in US, if outside of US - choose your shipping method on checkout.
Options Available - Chose from drop-down menu below

1. Full-size Advent calendar (24 days) - 12 oz total (1/2 oz per day)
2. Add 1 full-size 2 oz batt to Full-size advent
3. Add 2 full-size 2 oz batts to Full-size advent

4. Half-size Advent calendar (24 days) 6 oz total (1/4 oz per day) 

5. Add 1 full-size 2 oz batt to Half-size advent
6. Add 2 full-size 2 oz batts to Half-size advent


* Infinity scarf corespun and knitted by Amy from last year’s 1/2 oz per day advent.   Gorgeous!!! And obviously just an example of what you can do, and not part of this listing. 🙂

*Only 6 boxes shown in pictures, but you will get 24! Fiber in pictures is for props and your box may or may not contain that exact colorway.  

Check out ALL out 2018 ADVENT BOXES HERE!!!

Inventory Available

1. Full-Size Advent 2. Full-size plus 1 batt 3. Full-size plus 2 batts 4. Half-size Advent 5. Half-size Advent with 1 batt 6. Half-size Advent with 2 batts
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