1/2 Ounce Cotswold Locks 8 - 10 Inches - NEON

$ 5.00

0.5 ounce - Cotswold Wool Locks in the NEON Colorway

The locks have been pretty much undisturbed during the washing and dyeing process. I individually pick the locks and then wash and dye, and allow to air dry.  I then pick and assemble the individual locks and bundle and tie with a ribbon.   These are 8 - 10 inches (unstretched) 

They are SUPER COOL and  can be used for  nuno felting, doll hair, animal hair, tail-spinning, lock-spinning or added to crazy cool rolags on a blending board.  



- Cotswold Wool 

- 1/2 ounce

- tied bundles of individual locks

- 8 - 10 inches unstretched 

- No VM

- NEON Colorway (Lime Green, Hot Pink, Bright Yellow) 



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