Puppy Love Sock Blank - Pink, blue, purple Tie Dye - Single Strand - 463 yds SWM/Nylon RTS

$ 34.00

Puppy Love™ Sock Blank  OOAK

**Ready to Ship**

- Hand painted and stenciled by my daughter (who is 7) under my guidance with the word LOVE in blue with the O replaced by a paw print! 

You may ask, "what is a sock blank"?  It is a machine knitted skein, so that people like me can paint it with crazy pictures, stencils or even make self-striping yarn.  Once painted, simply unravel from one end and knit or reskein or roll into a ball.  Or just admire and pet it until the perfect project comes along :) 

They come single or double stranded - double stranded blanks will make identical socks and can be knit two at a time.  Single stranded will make unmatched, but coordinating sock or cool shawls, hats or anything your heart desires.  


Premium Sock Base Blank - SINGLE Stranded 

Premium Sock Yarn - 4 ply
75% SW Merino/25% Nylon
463 yds / 100 grams (~3.5 oz) 
US 2-4 | 6-8 sts per inch 


Pictures are of the EXACT Blank you are purchasing.  


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