Llama Fiber (Throttle 2016) 23.5 oz

$ 12.00

 Throttle (his full name is Full Throttle, which is completely the opposite of his personality) is a cool laid back dude with long eyelashes and cool grey fiber  

He is an adult and her fiber does have guard hair.  You can de-hair by hand or you can spin it all together like Icelandic or primitive sheep breeds.  


  • Type: grey/rose grey adult llama (true color is one with the label) 
  • not skirted except for gross stuff
  • staple length: 2-4” " average 
  • VM content: low to none
  • Condition: Raw, healthy fiber
  • Cleanliness: dusty
  • Crimp type: none
  • Hand: non-guard hair fiber is medium soft (next to skin soft for all but most sensitive folks)
  • Origin: NJ
  • Date: 2016 fleece


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