Llama fiber Fiber (Patches 2016) 42 oz

$ 16.00

Patches is a small but stout llama. Always ready to trade kisses for food, but otherwise, don’t bother getting near him as he is very standoffish, which is odd for a llama on my farm.   

Type: white, black  llama (true color is one with the label)
Skirted only for the gross stuff 
Weight 42oz
Staple Length: 2.5 +average
VM content: low but there are some spots which definitely have it, but should shake out - not like alpaca 
Condition: Raw, healthy fiber
Cleanliness: very very dusty (he’s my pigpen llama and loves his dust baths ) 
Crimp type: none
Hand: non-guard hair fiber is  pretty soft. 
Origin: NJ
Date: 2016 fleece

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