Coopworth Hogget Wool Roving - 2 oz - Bay Black

$ 7.50

This bay black roving is made from MARIGOLD, a young (yearling) ewe at a friends farm. I was at shearing and personally chose and skirted this fleece. This is beautifully prepared. Marigold was coated and this is her first shearing. It has a great hand and I feel that coopworth hoggett is next to skin soft for all but the most sensitive. She is bay black (black with brown undertones) and has some white fibers running through it.

The stats:

- 2 oz

- pin drafted  roving

- 100% Coopworth Hoggett wool

- almost no VM (coated fleece), any VM should fall out when spinning

- almost no neps or noils - nice and smooth

- mill processed

- staple length - 5 inches

The roving is light and airy and drafts beautifully. Coopworth is very versatile and is easy for a beginner to spin.



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2 oz

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