Alpaca Fiber (Keepsake 2016) 16.5 oz

$ 10.00

Keepsake is one of our old ladies. She was an awesome mom and loves to take grain from your hand and then spit it back at you when you stop.  She still produces a  baby soft fiber, albeit on the short side and small.



  • Prime Blanket
  • Type: light Fawn (true color is one with the label) 
  • 16.5 oz
  • Lightly skirted (occasional second  cuts, shorts or burrs may remain)
  • Staple Length: 2-3” average 
  • VM content: very low to none 
  • Condition: Raw, healthy fiber
  • Cleanliness: dusty
  • Crimp type: some 
  • Hand: next to skin soft 
  • grade 2/3 (micron in the low to mid 20s) 
  • Origin: NJ
  • 2016 fleece 
(Keepsake 2016) 


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